Our goal is to make electric vehicles a no-brainer for Canadians.

Man-made climate change is the greatest threat that humankind has ever faced. Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide content in the earth's atmosphere has reached unprecedented levels as a direct result of human activity. Our company was built on the belief that every individual’s choices and actions can have a huge impact on the health and future of our country.

As such, we believe that the mass adoption of zero-emission vehicles is a critical step toward a future powered by clean energy, and we have dedicated our work toward this important transition.

Our teams in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto work with businesses and governments across Canada to make EV charging infrastructure more accessible and affordable for everyone.

"Growing up in Beijing, instead of snow days we had 'smog days', when children were forbidden to play outside because of pollution levels. Then in Canada, I learned that a bad smog day in Toronto has the same health impact as smoking several cigarettes.

Tailpipe emissions are a risk we need to stop exposing our children and our planet to.”

- Zak Lefevre, CEO & Founder Meo Electric