Does your business qualify for the new Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program?

The Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP) is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. It aims to increase EV adoption in Ontario by making it easier for EV owners to access charging while at work or the office.

The WEVCIP is a significant rebate program open to any employer or commercial building manager in Ontario with at least 10 employees or workplace tenants.


What costs are covered?

This incentive provides 80% of the initial cost to deploy Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations that will be used by your employees, up to $7,500 per parking space. This includes the purchase and installation of a charging station, as well as any necessary site preparation and finishing costs (electrical upgrades, signs, parking space painting, etc.).


How many chargers can my company install?

Your company is eligible to receive rebates for at least two EV charging stations. For bigger parking areas, your company is eligible for a number of rebates equal to 4% of total employee parking spaces per location.


Is my company or workplace eligible?

Any company in Ontario with a CRA business number and at least 10 full-time employees is eligible to apply. You must own or have control over the parking spaces you wish to equip with charging stations. Parking spaces that can be used by customers or the public are still eligible, but are subject to certain restrictions, as the focus of this program is enabling charging for employees.


How can Meo Electric help?

Give us a call. Meo Electric specializes in turnkey EV charging solutions that include helping you maximize funding opportunities such as WEVCIP. We can answer any questions you may have about EV charging or the funding program and will help facilitate your entire application and installation process. This includes consulting with your electrical utility and our third-party certified electricians to gather initial and ongoing costs, and ensure a seamless installation with our recommended hardware.


Installing electric vehicle chargers at your workplace distinguishes your business as a green leader. Offering EV charging can help you attract and retain top talent, achieve sustainability goals, and support your employees’ decisions to drive electric.


The WEVCIP rebate program is first-come, first-serve, and total program funds are limited. For more information on how you can install EV chargers at your workplace, request a quote from Meo Electric: