EV Charging for Retail Properties

A rapidly increasing number of Canadians are choosing to drive electric vehicles (EVs). One of the many advantages of an EV is the ability to refuel anywhere that o ers charging infrastructure, not only at dedicated petrol stations.

Why does your retail property need EV charging?

  • Attract new and repeat customers who have statistically higher incomes & purchasing power
  • Appear on public charging maps used by all EV drivers to determine where they stop for shopping & dining
  • Achieve sustainability goals (earn 3 to 15 LEED points for installing EVSE)
  • Establish your brand as a green leader


Why work with Meo Electric?

  • Expert brand-agnostic hardware recommendations: we work with all leading manufacturers to offer the latest and best EV chargers, future-proofing all of our projects
  • Offer free charging to attract customers, or monetize your chargers with smart technology
  • Secure chargers from unauthorized access and enjoy 24/7 station monitoring & support
  • Installations performed by local certified master electricians
  • Innovative financing options
  • We install chargers manufactured in Canada whenever possibles

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