EV Charging for Municipal Governments

Canadian cities and towns of all sizes can benefit from offering EV charging in 2017. Not only can EV chargers help your municipality hit sustainability and carbon reduction goals, they can also attract tourists, help brand your community as forward-thinking, or even represent a profitable infrastructure investment.

Advantages of providing EV charging

  • Be a clean technology leader & help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Take advantage of federal and provincial initiatives encouraging municipalities to support EV infrastructure
  • Electrify your fleet – click here to learn more about the advantages of switching your government fleet to electric
  • Meet the expectations of citizens who want their government to provide infrastructure for their EVs


Advantages of working with Meo Electric

  • Experience implementing projects of all sizes
  • Meo Electric provides access to the latest & best EV charging technologies to future-proof all our projects
  • Over 80% of our projects use chargers designed & manufactured in Canada
  • Smart charging solutions come with the ability to track energy usage, monetize charging, generate reports, as well as 24/7 technical support

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