Meo Electric’s mission is to improve the state of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Canada, with the goal of accelerating the adoption of zero-emission transportation.

Manmade climate change is the greatest threat that humankind has ever faced. Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide content in the earth’s atmosphere has reached entirely unprecedented levels as a direct result of human activity:



While a range of human activities from manufacturing to heating burn fossil fuels that contribute to global warming, the single easiest and most cost-effective way an individual Canadian can reduce their carbon footprint is by switching from transportation powered by fossil fuels to transportation powered by clean energy. If you are currently driving an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle and thinking of purchasing a new car, making that car electric could immediately cut your personal carbon emissions by up to one third (depending on the province you live in).

Meo Electric’s mission is to ensure the charging infrastructure required for the mass adoption of electric vehicles is easily accessible, affordable, and smart enough for the needs of individual, businesses, and governments.