EV Charging for Federal and Provincial Governments

Federal and provincial agencies across Canada are investigating EV charging independently or as part of larger budget initiatives.

Advantages of providing EV charging

  • Be a clean technology leader & help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Encourage employees to set an example for sustainable behaviour
  • Electrify your fleet – click here to learn more about the advantages of switching your government fleet to electric
  • Meet the expectations of citizens who want their government to provide infrastructure for their EVs


Advantages of working with Meo Electric

  • Experience working with the Government of Canada
  • Meo Electric provides access to the latest & best EV charging technologies to future-proof all our projects
  • Over 80% of our projects use chargers designed & manufactured in Canada
  • Smart charging solutions come with the ability to track energy usage, monetize charging, generate reports, as well as 24/7 technical support

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