EV Charging for Apartments & Condos


Why offer EV charging?

Advantages of offering EV charging as an apartment building manager include:

  • Attract and retain statistically high value eco-friendly residents
  • Increase property value and justify rent increases
  • Achieve sustainability goals (earn 3 to 15 LEED points for installing EVSE)
  • Comply with upcoming provincial regulations

Advantages of offering EV charging in a condo building include:

  • Meet condo owner demands for EV charging
  • Use smart charging technologies to only bill the appropriate owners
  • Achieve building sustainability goals
  • Comply with upcoming provincial regulations


Why work with Meo Electric?

  • Expert brand-agnostic hardware recommendations: we work with all leading manufacturers to offer the latest and best EV chargers, future-proofing all of our projects
  • Remotely control who has access to EV chargers, and who is billed for electricity usage, with smart charging technologies
  • Installations performed by local certified master electricians
  • Aid in accessing relevant government subsidies
  • Innovative financing options
  • We install chargers manufactured in Canada whenever possibles

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